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From weakness to power

The images and emotions that flowed across the world yesterday were something to behold. Despite the great struggle and uncertainty that lay head, the solidarity and power conveyed were incredible.

Before I provide a brief thought on that strength though, some historical context. From my childhood, one of the movies imprinted in my mind is The Sandlot. The movie is about a baseball team somewhere in California, the camaraderie and friendship they build as they move through life's struggles together. One scene that always stood out was when they bumped into a rival team from across town who by all appearances play for a well-funded select team to the main cast of characters' who are a ragtag bunch. When the two groups collide, there is a prolonged string of insults slung back and forth but the throw down is won with the phrase, "you play ball like a girl!"

Every kid on both sides of the argument stops in disbelief when that insult is dropped. "Oh no he didn't!!" would be the appropriate inner-monologue each kid thinks. "How could he say such a thing?!" I remember laughing about this scene and that insult at the time. At roughly 11 years of age, I understood it was a monumental slam but didn't quite grasp that it was demeaning to women. I just took it as an insult and that was that. A couple years back this scene came to mind for some reason and I realized despite being a funny scene, it was of course an insult to girls.

Yesterday the photos of women holding signs varied in scope. Some conveyed strength, others struck a humorous tone and some were incredibly clever. But as I scrolled through pictures from around the world (NYTimes), the last one, from a young woman in Dublin, is the one that made me smile and tear up. Along the lines of the Sandlot insult scene, another statement, "you fight like a girl", would be a similar insult. But when I saw this photo from I was taken aback

Fighting like a girl for me had transformed from a statement of weakness to one of power. And I'm delighted that it happened. To the women of the world, I stand with you and thank you for inspiring me about the future.

Go Forth Boldly

"We can connect, we can publish, we can lead. Anyone reading this has the ability to care, and to do something about it. We have more power than we dare imagine." Seth Godin


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