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What's Your Type?

While out at a happy hour last night, as the conversation settled in, I was asked, "what's your Myers-Briggs Type?" "ENTJ", I answered. "hmmm....'', she said, "I had you pegged as a 'P' rather than as a 'J'". We broke down the J and the P for a bit and I began to reflect on that it might have changed. It had been at least 11, perhaps 12 years, since I took it while on the Centennial Hall staff at Truman.

After the happy adjourned and I headed home, the Myers-Briggs suddenly came back. I found myself wondering, "am I still an ENTJ?" While the only way to have drawn out validation will be to take the test again, I did some poking around on the internet below is what I found.

To the question that started the search, "am I a Judger or Perceiver?", let us first turn to the website Stellar Maze, which summarizes the two this way, "the primary difference between an ENTP and an ENTJ is that ENTPs are party animal scientists and ENTJs are heavy-hitting motherfuckers that you don’t want to fuck with." For the record, those are both hilarious descriptions, although one of them sounds like more fun to hang with than the other.

Career Trends offers more insight than the former:

In a world where there is no such thing as a perfect match, I see myself in both of the above descriptions.

ENTP thoughts: In most settings I find myself to relatively "unreserved" and I find myself highly engaged when solving unique problems. I also love the "not interested in or excited by routines" comment. I am trying to incorporate more routines into my life, mostly because they are relatively absent. I'd love to add a few if I can to make sure I accomplish what I mean to while leaving time for the randomness I enjoy injecting into my life.

ENTJ thoughts: I see "forceful" as a trait I more embodied when I was younger. I believe I am persistent with what I believe in but no longer see myself as pushy. *If I am forceful someone please speak up*. However, I am totally guilty of taking in knowledge and then regularly passing it on to others, solicited or not.

I quickly flipped through the other overlapping types to my ENTJ starting point: ESTJ, ENFJ, INTJ and see bits of myself in each of them as one would also imagine, but far less than the ENTP. Well there you have it. Its likely I'm either a "party animal scientist" or a "heavy-hitting motherfucker you don't want to fuck with." I'll have to take the test again to figure out which or just be comfortable with a split personality.

Go Forth Boldly

"Every morning, I find myself a different person. I’m always a mystery to myself. If I knew in the first hours of the morning, what I’m going to do, what is going to happen, what attitude or decision should I take? I think my life would be deadly boring because, well, what makes life interesting is the unknown." Paulo Coehlo


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