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How was your weekend?...

"It was good." Now that we have all answered the Monday morning office small talk, we can get down to business.

Last night as I was getting ready for bed, I reflected back on what I had described earlier in the day as a "good" weekend without much detail to a friend. What came most to mind, if anything, was Friday being extremely cold and trying to stay warm in my drafty apartment. But when I took a moment to think about what had transpired, I rethought the simplicity of my answer.

  • Friday afternoon I hung out with my parents for a couple hours after a meeting concluded near their house

  • Friday night I stopped in for New Years goal-setting and celebration party at my yoga studio, which lead to a curious reflection for 2017

  • Saturday morning I caught up on some reading and podcasts I'd been meaning to check out

  • Saturday afternoon I found myself on the phone with a real estate developer - I'm exploring the home-buying process - and before I knew it, I was standing inside a vacant building in Benton Park talking about how she would approach it

  • Saturday night I celebrated two birthdays

  • My friend Heather's at Peacemaker Lobster Crab & Co, then making our way to 4 Hands and

  • My friend Matt's at Propaganda Bar on Cherokee St

  • Sunday morning I went to the gym and ran into a friend I haven't seen in at least 5 years

  • Sunday afternoon my friends Kevin and Chloé met me at the same vacant house I was at the day before to try and wrap my head around if it might be a good decision

  • After that I chatted with my friend Meghan about our weekends and the vacant house

  • After that I met my friend James at Civil Life Brewing

  • And to wrap up the weekend, I met my friends Ryan and Summer out to celebrate their recent engagement.

While my weekend may or may not have been more involved than yours, I'd challenge you to really stop this morning when people ask you, "how was your weekend?" and to reflect on it. Too often I give a short, vanilla answer to questions when there is more substance to be shared.

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