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EVERY thing that went right

Yesterday, I listened to part of a discussion with author, and hilarious guy, A.J. Jacobs. You should totally check it out. He takes a lot of bizarre things on, like the year of living biblically, in which he followed the scripture verbatim for a year.

One thing I thought I'd try follows a comment he had about practicing gratitude for every little thing. I could see how it would be exhausting but also how it would affect my mindset of realizing everything that went right in any given day rather than a few things or worse, the negative things. So here is my retrospective attempt at a list for December 31, 2016.

  • I'm grateful for the Sump Coffee I was able to buy and brew in my apartment

  • I'm grateful for being able to afford and attend yoga classes

  • I'm grateful for the fun conversation I had with my teacher and friend, Kim Winn, when I arrived

  • I'm grateful for going to slower-flow yoga class because it reminded me about being more deliberate rather than the strength-focus I often have

  • I'm grateful for the warm shower I was able to take afterward and that I can afford to pay my utility bills

  • I'm grateful for a working car that can get me all the places I want and need to go

  • I'm grateful I was able to attend two New Years events yesterday.

  • I'm grateful two of my good guy friends came to the first party, each having a sick kid at home, and their spouses agreed to stay home and watch them so they could still attend

  • I'm grateful someone making rye bread party pizzas, which are not only delicious but also wreak of childhood nostalgia for me

  • I'm grateful the new barware and liquor store, Intoxicology, sells kold draft ice cubes in bulk for excellent cocktail making

  • I'm grateful for my friend Tim Wiggins, who while teaching my "show me adulting" class on cocktailing said, "your drink will be as good as its worst ingredient", demonstrating bad ice can ruin a drink

  • I'm grateful for "Show Me Adulting"

  • I'm grateful for Kevin and Chloé picking me up for the second New Years party and dropping me off later

  • I'm grateful for my friends Mark and Amanda hosting a killer New Years Eve party and especially to Mark for sticking with it despite being a little sick.

  • I'm grateful to Meghan for making a delicious "skillet cookie"

  • I'm grateful to Yusuf for having a great conversation on being more engaged civically and what its like to be a business owner in the city.

  • I'm grateful for the ability to be able to afford making cocktails for my friends during parties.

  • I'm grateful for the memory of the wireless speaker we used to dance late at night, which had a dying battery, and its low battery sound is that of a phone's busy signal. Weird.

  • I'm grateful to Kevin for bringing an entire cooler of beer to a dinner party of eight people because it reflects exactly who he is

  • I'm grateful for the well-wishing messages I got from my parents and brother as the night went on.

  • I'm grateful that my brother has achieved the abundance to be able to be in Ecuador over the holidays

  • I'm grateful that my parents are so loving and are still very healthy in their late sixties.

  • I'm grateful for having a life that allows me the time and peace of mind to write every day

One thing is for sure, I have a lot to be grateful for :)

Let's do this 2017 thing!

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