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Removing Guilt and Pressure

Yesterday I was listening to an interview with author and personal finance advisor, Ramit Sethi. At one point, they fell on the topic of bad advice he hears given.

The first thing he said is, "if you take all the advice you're given with the same weight, you can't be a normal person." Some of the advice is going to resonate with you and some won't. While this doesn't preclude some of the advice requiring hard work, some of it we flat out won't like or are not at a point for it to be of value. To summarize: don't follow all the advice you're given.

The interview with Ramit took place on Tim Ferriss's podcast, post the release of his new book Tools of Titans. In the book, Tim sums up what he has learned from meeting a large array of world class leaders. One of the most common traits Tim has found in the book is some form of meditation in their lives. Ramit said that is a good indicator it is valuable but followed with, "I don't meditate. And I try not to feel guilty about it because I don't think its the right time in my life."

He went on to equate the above statement to books and other pieces of media that have been recommended to him. When someone suggested The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding, he remembers thinking, "this is shit." But when he came back to it years later, he was ready for it and saw the value.

After listening to the interview yesterday morning, when I came home last night, I stared at my coffee table, billowing with books I'm reading.

Not pictured: Benjamin Franklin: An American Life (audiobook)

While I find it nice to jump back and forth between varying pieces of literature depending on what feels helpful/intriguing at the moment, I need to gain greater comfortable putting something away (or giving it away) when its not right for me. So I promptly pulled a couple books from my currently reading list (down to four!) to alleviate mounting pressure I'm putting on myself to read. I have to accept I can't, and shouldn't, absorb all valuable content. If I spend all my time reading the things I'm supposed to do, I won't end up spending enough time on the things I want to.

Go Forth Boldly

p.s. for another valuable and relevant discussion, check out Tony Robbins on Achievement vs. Fulfillment

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