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A New Lens for Writing and Action

As I continue to work my way through Tools of Titans, yesterday I found myself reading again the couple pages dedicated to filmmaker Casey Neistat. One of the more successful films he produced, 18 million views and counting, is about something that angered him. He was ticketed in New York City while on his bicycle for not riding in the bike lane because something was obstructing it. After filming his encounter with the police officer, Neistat proceeded to film himself crashing on purpose into various things he finds in the bike lanes.

"Follow your passion" is getting all sorts of flack as a useful north star these days from many angles (see Mike Rowe and Elizabeth Gilbert). I think part of the reasoning behind this is the mental paralysis one may incur if suddenly musing, "am I following my life's calling?" There is plenty of good work out there to be done but if we tie the only work we should do to such a high pedestal, we might avoid doing work in the first place.

Rather than the aforementioned statement, Neistat argues to, "follow what angers you." While one may feel impassioned about something which angers there, I think there is some nuance in there. It may be motivating in a different and clearer way.

I can't say for sure if this is the case but I've started making a list in hopes something comes to me

  • Financial services and products feeling mostly tailored to a previous era or more for the wealthy

  • This in part lead to me trying out a couple “Show Me Adulting” classes

  • People remarking about the mild weather we are "enjoying" this winter. I get it on one level but on another it makes think, “ahhh!!!! Its global warming, dammit!!"

  • Our society over-simplifying people in other countries when things are incredibly complex and nuanced beyond our ability to take in from the outside.

  • Travel more. Seek to understand first (h/t Stephen Covey)

  • St. Louis county’s leadership mostly shunning the city. Wanting to reap the positives of the city (City Museum, parks, Arch, zoo) but wash their hands of the things in need of regional support (guns, schools, infrastructure)

  • The ire Millennials seem to incur… this is probably no different than any other upcoming generation but it certainly feels like it.

  • Due to the noticeable trends in the digital world, people discount the analog one too much

  • The emphasis on high-tech companies rather than embracing any and all business models that benefit a community

  • Equity being seen as the only road to grow a company. Meanwhile the poor work by the debt industry to make itself more relevant.

  • The push-pull I feel when it comes to remaining in or leaving St. Louis.

  • The perpetual wrestling match between social media and me

  • The quest for new over historical. Incremental over fundamental. The inability to differentiate between the two.

Go Forth Boldly

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