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Do you even blog bro?

My attempt at writing regularly began after I heard from many sources: Seth Godin, The Minimalists and Tim Ferriss about the impact a daily writing practice had on them with their thoughts and challenging themselves to share something with the world.

They all spoke about the difficulty of cultivating that practice and regularly asked at the beginning, "why am I doing this?" I can relate. I've found myself thinking the same thing. Why do I have this website and does it even matter? I try to reassure myself if it is proving useful for me, I need to leave it at that and not sweat the rest.

Having celebrated a birthday 10 days ago, something I expected happened along with something I didn't. I heard from people far and wide wishing me a happy birthday. What I didn't expect was the number of people who also said, "I'm enjoying reading your blog." It was easy to assume up until then it was just some internet bots and my mom... "hi mom!" :)

And while the outpouring of encouragement to keep writing was heart-warming, I experienced something today that was entirely unexpected. A friend informed me his father had read a post of mine to an in-law who was undergoing a traumatic moment in hopes of comforting them. I wasn't prepared for the gravity of the remark and accepting the praise proved tough. In a bit of shock, I mostly downplayed it because I was so taken aback I didn't know how to respond. I felt honored and like an impostor at the same time. But I suppose that is the path of trying something new which is scary and exciting.

It was a valuable reminder I never know where my words will end up. I do not take this one instance as an the endorsement my blog being a success. Merely a reminder of the responsibility and opportunity that comes with sharing my thoughts.

Thank you to any and everyone following and participating in my journey.

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