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Memory outlasts utility

"Only emotion endures" Ezra Pound

This morning I spoke with a group of business owners at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce about business modeling and understanding the market they serve. When breaking down how to think about and approach their business, I paused on the "customer relationship" segment. In today's world, there is an abundance of choice and scarcity of time and attention. While your product or service must align well with a customer's problems and frustrations, I believe the move towards being indispensable comes when how they feel about your company reaches the highest level.

Despite great product-market fit, there are always competitors out there customers can choose as an alternative or they can merely opt-out of the solution. How we feel when we think of a product or experience factors heavily when we consider re-engaging with or advocating on behalf of a product.

Recalling what flavors and sensations you experienced at a particular restaurant or grandma's house is not easy. But recalling how you felt is what sticks with us. Restaurateur Danny Meyer says, "guests may think they're dining out to feel nourished, but I've always believed that an even more primary need of diners is to be nurtured."

Your customer may not always want a hands-on experience. In fact, at times they may delight in its simplicity. But remembering "only emotion endures" is critical when thinking of how your business will best serve its customers.

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