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When Maslow Attacks

As winter finally sets in, I have found my motivation to write for my blog decreasing. I typically don't battle seasonal mood swings so I don't attribute it to that. Where I think it might come from can be found on Maslow's Hierarchy.​​

Finding the energy and time to blog falls in the top two sectors of the pyramid. With my writing tending to focus on reflections of the past, pondering the future and finding the connectivity between the two, it is a higher order exercise. With more basic needs met beneath me, I can more easily focus on esteem and self-actualization.

But with the onset of winter comes the fact that I live in a beautiful but terribly drafty old building. The number of places cold air works its way into my apartment is seemingly endless and is pairs effectively with an unfinished, unheated basement. What I'm finding is that when I am home, I am seeking the refuge of warmth under blankets and am quick to find resentment for the present situation. With my physiological needs of warmth partially unmet, I find it harder to focus.

If anything good comes of this, it reminds me of all the times I am fortunate to have my most basic needs met. I am lucky to have access to good food and water, a place to be safe and a roof over my head, even if its not sealed perfectly ;) I am lucky to have an interesting job and enjoyable social life.

As I work my way through many air filters and higher utility bills this winter, I will work hard to reflect on all I am lucky to have in place majority of the time which allows this search to happen.

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