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The Battle to Remember Everything

As an avid consumer of knowledge and amateur blogger, there is a pressure I put on myself to remember and distill things I take in. First off, if I took the time to read it, I should try to take something away from it and not simply forget it. Secondly, I'm trying to post something to this blog everyday and therefore, I need to remember things so I'm not frustrated by an inability to write something of value.

Over the past two days, I've been re-listening to an interview with Cal Fussman, an incredible interviewer and storyteller. At one point, he discussed the time he hung out with and interviewed author (and notorious partier) Harry Crews. When Fussman arrived to meet Crews at his Florida home, he found him passed out just inside the front door from the night before. When awoken, Crews's suggestion to Cal was to go into town and get some more booze so they could start the party back up.

As a drunken state began to take over Cal and the hair of the dog helped Crews became more lucid, Fussman threw a question Harry's way with regards to being an author, "How can you remember anything when you're constantly fucked up?" Crews's response gave me some piece of mind in my urgency to remember everything, "the good shit sticks", he said.

I'm not sure I'll let that piece of wisdom bring my information recording efforts to a complete halt, but I do aim to keep it top-of-mind so I can let myself off the hook now and again.


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