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Skills vs. Concepts

I spend a lot of time reading, listening to and watching content. I take it in. I think about it. I might blog about it. I often share it and hopefully aim to apply it towards something. But amongst the time I spend learning about concepts and case studies, I'm left wondering if that is enough investment in my future. To understand concepts, trends and unique facts can be useful and fun but if I lack a robust and evolving skill set to apply them through, am I going to be able to reach the achievement and fulfillment I desire?

I have enjoyed, learned from and been influenced by the Netflix marvel, Chef's Table. It has taken me inside the minds of leading individuals and how they apply themselves through the culinary arts and hospitality. But if I am not practicing my own culinary skills or hosting people through personal or professional gatherings, there surely is value I am missing out on.

Through an endless fountain of articles on the future of business via coding, design, engineering, empathy and a host of other buzz-worthy terms, I am well aware of where experts purport business to be headed and even see it in my day-to-day work. But is it enough for me to know of these things rather than having a basic (or advanced) level of applied ability around these topics?

Surely I cannot be a world class chef, designer, politician and accountant. But what am I striving to be world class at or fulfilled through? I've been left wondering over the past couple days how I should invest in myself? Being well read and aware of what is going on is great but there is more to be focused on at times than simply "keeping up with the joneses" around the latest school of thought or novel study.

I plan to spend the next week or two examining what skill sets I might enjoy and find valuable in my personal and professional lives. Digging into something is scary at first and requires hard work. But the greater risk in the long run may be observing the trends but not continuing to hone my skills so that I can be out in front of them.

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