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Why I'm Fasting for 72 Hours

  • Discipline: my body is more than capable of surviving for 72 hours without food. Its more so the question do I have the resolve to responsibly guide myself there

  • Gratitude: I am fortunate to work a job that consistently pays me at a level in which I never have to go without food. By not allowing myself to eat for a period of time, I will be reminded that I am lucky to be able to eat whenever I want.

  • Reseting my taste buds: there are results showing that our taste buds normalize to our environment. With high sugar diets and an abundance of food in our culture, I hope to become familiar

  • Portions and regularity: the rate at which I eat is more than I need to. Can I become more mindful about eating for entertainment and the passing of time versus giving my body the nutrition it needs? I don't want to avoid eating for pleasure, only to acknowledge I could do it less often.

  • Health: I do not plan to do something like this regularly. But there are studies out there which show that intermittent fasting can help the body process and remove excess salts, sugars and oils from our body. Might this be the jumping off point for a diet that enables my body to reduce the amount of excess it holds?

  • Don't know it til you try it: while this statement could clearly be carried too far, I do enjoy new experiences. It will be interesting, and at times frustrating, to see how I mentally and physically react to witholding food from my body for 72 hours.

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