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The early part of my career was spent in strategic planning for healthcare organizations. Planning for the future and thinking outside the box have defined my career since.

I have worked in the nonprofit sector helping entrepreneurs launch their businesses and in product marketing in financial services.

Over my career I've worked for organizations both admirable and frustrating. This lead me to study organizations that build cultures that do great work and respect their people. This lead me to where I am today, running a firm called Values First Consulting.

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I'm a no non-sense all non-sense kind of person. I take living life seriously and having fun while I'm doing it. I've written my own eulogyharvested a chicken, voluntarily fasted for 72 hours, camped in the freezing cold, lived in the tropics and attended a "giant paper airplane derby". If there is an experience to be had, I'm likely down to give it a go. I start more books than I finish, consider morning coffee a ritual and teach people cocktail fundamentals on the side. 

Building relationships, discovering new ideas and not shying away from unconventional or hard conversations defines me.